Is InboxDollars a Scam? We check it out in this review.

After you’re done watching that, I wanna talk about boosting dōTERRA earnings.

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Here are seven savvy strategies to earn the most selling dōTERRA essential oils:

Inboxdollars review

Rather than faking it ’til you make it, just walk the damn walk. Use the products. Learn the business. Anticipate objections. Be ready to problem-solve and overcome.

When you’re living what you’re selling, you don’t have to sell. Write that one down.

Is InboxDollars Legit?

Transparency trumps tactics, always. Might wanna write that one down too. The best example of what I mean is this: when there’s a downside, call that shit out. Don’t try to position dōTERRA as having the perfect products or business opportunity.

Perfect doesn’t exist. Present the pros, but don’t dodge the cons. Lay ’em out for the prospect to see.

They’ll appreciate you for it and be more likely to buy.

Is InboxDollars a Scam?

Don’t do what every other dōTERRA Independent Product Consultant does.

I said it once and I’ll say it again: if they zig, you zag.

Make a conscious effort to think and act opposite to every other dōTERRA cheerleader out there.

Cliches will kill your business.

Check my style here on Lazy MLM, for example. Nothing typical about how I write .

You can’t compare me to anyone else. I’m my own brand.

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Don’t confuse my third tip. I’m not encouraging you to be someone you’re not. More info

Yes, your approach should be different, but your personality? Needs to be 110% you.

See, the alter ego I use here (Profit Pimp) is me, unfiltered and uncensored. It’s how I’d speak if I was three beers deep, hanging with buddies.

I’m not just acting weird for the sake of polarity. I’m being me all the way.

5) Be happy.

Everyone’s pissed off, stressed out and seeing their glass half-empty.

You gotta be their light. Their positive source of energy.

Think how well a presidential candidate would do if their pitch was all, inboxdollars scam review “Hey if you vote for me, nothing will change. It may even get worse. But I’d really appreciate your vote regardless.”

Silly, right? So why build dōTERRA that way?

Instead, think big. Think massive success for you and your team. And sell that vision.

6) Be opinionated.

Not to the point of being hyper-confrontational. But, dammit, if you have an opinion? Voice it.

Don’t shy away from sensitive subjects. Stop trying to please everyone and offend no one. It’s an impossible task, plus it makes you vanilla.

Stand your ground. Earn your fans. Filter out your not-so-ideal customers.

Everyone will be better off for it.

7) Be consistent.

In your thoughts, actions, message, vision. Any idiot can talk big one day or work hard for one week.

But top earners are machines. They get up every day and plug themselves in.

Their habits take over. There’s no thinking or contemplating or putting it off — routine takes over.

And there you have it. Seven ways to swell your income inside dōTERRA.

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